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“I got the promotion approved! So now I have no battle, even the one within myself seems to have faded… I feel like for the first time two important aspects of my life are going well, I feel happy and at peace. Even if I might have eventually got to this point by myself, I can honestly say that those six sessions spent talking to you and listening to you really gave me the kick I needed to change things”

“Jane & I covered career and personal issues. Jane helped me get plans/stages in place regarding career and helped me take positive steps towards my goal.  I really do feel Jane has been a very positive influence over the past few months, the sessions have given me more confidence to deal with ‘life’s hurdles’.  Many Thanks Jane.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jane. The gentleness of her approach means I felt very comfortable digging deep into my emotions, yet she ensured we remained focused on the task at hand to achieve the objectives we identified at the outset. The level of ‘home work’ she suggested suited my busy schedule and I acquired great insights that will help me greatly in my career as well as my life in general. I would actually consider Jane’s coaching services again in the future and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”