Courage At Work

mandalaAfter a couple of years of study I am back at work in a corporate environment. I take all my learning from self-awareness, meditation and relaxation, and my new found resilience back into a familiar workplace, and still I am finding the stress levels rising as I meet negativity on a daily basis.

I am curious about why I am struggling to maintain my equilibrium, why I am still vulnerable to the cumulative effects of pressure. The components that seem to be impacting me are:

  • a heavy workload leading to tiredness and insufficient time to think clearly
  • a general lack of appreciation and gratitude for work completed
  • a lack of influence to make changes that I feel are important
  • frequent challenges to my point of view leading me to question my knowledge and intelligence

It is difficult to maintain courage in a system that has a heavy investment in maintaining the status quo and limits change and challenge. So how can we stay strong?

  • understand that hostility to new ideas stems from a desire to stay safe and resist challenge – it is not personal
  • build a support network of like-minded individuals, not for complaint sharing but to share learning and coping strategies
  • keep a record of the positive contribution we are making, whether this is visible or not to the organization
  • go back to the sources of encouragement and inspiration that nourish and strengthen us
  • remember that resilience is a flexible kind of strength. Stay true to the principle, but be flexible in terms of how things are done and communicated
  • work on the relationships and activities outside of work to maintain a sense of perspective and keep work from escalating beyond its boundaries
  • make time for meditating, mindfulness and relaxation to keep centred

It is hard to maintain our energy, commitment, integrity and courage to do the right thing in a system that is at odds with our personal views. The ability to persist and rise above our own frustrations to stay true to what we believe is a demonstration of courage. It is the only way to survive with our spirit intact, and in doing so we may well inspire transformation in the system around us.


1 thought on “Courage At Work

  1. rosedawson1

    Currently struggling with work – beginning a new career. It’s been a rocky week but making progress. I’m doing something I love and am on my way to making a great living doing it. I just wanted to let you know that your words were not unseen. I’m glad I found your blog. Thank you for writing and sharing your words with others. It is appreciated. It helps. Thank you.


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